Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Destroy PS4 20th Anniversary Edition on Camera

An individual, who I can only categorize as one who’s severely disturbed, is asking to be crowd-funded so that he can destroy his PS4 20th Anniversary Edition on camera.

The limited edition is a sleek new offering by Sony to celebrate two decades of the PlayStation brand. The edition is already being sold on multiple auction sites for over $1000, way above its actual price. For such a beautiful product that’s available in only limited quantities, one has to wonder why anyone would wish to smash it to bits.

Charles Tiongson from Las Vegas is behind the Kickstarter campaign and for his act of vandalism he’s asking for $20,300.

“I’m your average everyday guy,” reads his bio. “I enjoy snowboarding, gaming, and drumming for my band. but more importantly, I’m that guy that is going to make a video about destroying his very own PlayStation 4 20th anniversary edition.”

Backers will be rewarded with the following: For $5 you can get your name or PSN ID in the credits. For $50 you’ll acquire a small piece of the broken console. $100 will net you a bigger piece. If you feel generous and pledge $400, you’ll get the broken PlayStation Camera, while if you splurge with $500, the smashed DualShock 4 will be yours.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter has attracted a total of four backers and $121 in total.

Source Kickstarter