Finnish NBI Brings in Lizard Squad Member for Questioning

It has come to light that the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation brought in a teenager for questioning this week in relation to earlier cyber attacks that crippled the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The Finnish teenager is suspected to be a member of the Lizard Squad, a self-proclaimed hacker group that has been in the news lately for going after high priority online services.

According to Yle, 17-year-old Ryan was brought in for thorough questioning at the start of the week and was then released. However, the Washington Post believes that Ryan was not released and instead remains in jail following his arrest this week.

In a statement passed on to Yle by an NBI spokesperson, the attacks originated in Finland and NBI is currently in early stages of its investigation. Those found guilty of these cyber attacks could potentially face from four months to four years in prison.

News of Ryan’s questioning comes just days after the arrest of Vinnie Omari in England, a 22-year-old who is believed to be part of a PayPal fraud scheme and also the attacks on the PSN and XBL.

Besides Sony and Microsoft, the Lizard Squad has also successfully gone after a variety of other gaming networks, including Blizzard, and Valve. On December 1, the group threatened to take down both the PSN and XBL over the holidays and they did in fact. The outage stretched through Christmas and left a lot of people severely angry.