Dragon Age Inquisition Gay Romance, Fan Theories Discussed

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the most popular and biggest releases that we have seen this year. There are millions of fans who love it and everything about it.

Lead writer for Inquisition, David Gaider was recently talking to the community on Tumblr where he answered numerous questions that the fans had in mind.

Fans of Dragon Age Inquisition have been discussing countless theories regarding the future of the series, mostly in connection to the narrative and the way it will be headed.

Gaider was asked if any of them had really hit the mark or not. Naturally, he didn’t name any of the theories but he did agree that some of them were pretty close to what the developers have in mind.

He agreed that “fan speculation is fun” and that there have been moments when they said things like “oh, that’s pretty close… not too bad … aww, and here you go right off the rails. Tsk.”

Moving on, he shed some light on the gay romance aspect of the game. He started off by accepting that it was difficult to incorporate that side in the game and went on to say that:

I knew when I wrote it that not everyone would appreciate it. Depending on one’s level of empathy or cynicism, they might roll their eyes or call it an After School Special…or, hey, maybe I’m over-stating it. Maybe they’ll just consider it badly written. Wouldn’t be the first time.

If, in fact, that’s something you intend to talk about. Which I thought I might try, since here I had myself a gay character for the very first time. How successful I was with that is up to the individual player, but I’m glad I did it.

Well, that is his point of view; but you tell us if you like the character of Dorian or not?