Comparison Between No Man’s Sky and Spore is a Strange One, Sean Murray

Over the past week or so I have come across a lot of articles and comments comparing No Man’s Sky to 2008’s Spore.

The game was published by EA and is available for Microsoft Windows and mobile devices. I read quite a few articles on this and unfortunately, they kind of failed to establish a connection between these two titles.

Pretty much the only similarity Spore has with No Man’s Sky is that both of these titles have procedurally generated universe. Procedural generation means that graphic content is created by host computer rather than pre-rendered artwork which the majority of modern games use.

Gameplay wise these two are different as well so comparison seems a bit strange. Not only to me, but Sean Murray from Hello Games, feels the same. In an interview he stated:

Comparison with spore is a strange one. I was really excited for Spore, really into it and I actually liked it and enjoyed it but I was kind of one of the few people, I know that I was. I hear this come up a lot and because it was a game previous to us which tried to do something cool with procedural generation.

He further added:

Pretty much, actually in gameplay terms, there’s very little similarities between the two games, apart from that procedural generation.

He believes that procedural generation will be a huge part of game development in the future and Spore will be acknowledged 30 years from now.

Personally, I don’t think it’s fair to compare two titles, when one of them is not even released in the market yet. My concern is not regarding it’s similarities with Spore, it’s whether or not there will be much to do in the game.

The Game features a massive universe with other players exploring it at the same time. However, it seems like there is no solid way to interact with others.

Source: GameInformer.