Chariot Wii U: New 30-Minute Gameplay Video Highlights Co-op Action

Nintendo has released a new gameplay trailer for its new Chariot game for the Wii U.

Spanning across thirty whole minutes, the video highlights the game’s vigorous two-player cooperative mode and how players can work together to progress from platform to platform.

In the “humoristic physics-based” platformer, players take command of a funeral wagon carrying their dead King. As the brave princess and her suitor, the wagon must be driven through ancient caves and other locations, while trying to find a suitable spot to bury their king.

At the same time, they must battle against swarms of looters and other threats, while also pocketing treasures they come across on the way.

Chariot is developed and published by Frima Studios and was set to release in Fall 2014. It was however, delayed and will now arrive on January 8 across Europe.