AQP City Shows What GTA 5 Could Look Like on UE4

We all love GTA and everything that Rockstar Games have made for us in that game – the multi-billion wallet of the developers is a solid evidence of that. However, what if it could have been better?

I am not saying that AQP City, an indie project can really top GTA 5, but it does take a lot of ideas from the game and present them to us on Unreal Engine 4.

In fact, it is not just ideas from the latest Grand Theft Auto game, the developer Jhosep Chevarria Capacoila – refers to himself as the leader and the environment artist – has put in a lot of stuff from a lot of other games.

For instance, he says that Watch Dogs gameplay was one of the things that kickstarted his motivation for this:

My adventure with AQP City starts from the first trailer of GTA V and Watch dogs gameplay, where ideas emerged and started to translate it into UDK (Unreal Development Kit), 3 years of development and now the power comes from Unreal Engine 4.

He describes AQP City as “an open world game powered by Unreal engine 4 which combines the features of several video games” and promises to provide you everything ranging from cities, rivers, deserts, mountains, forests, roads, towns and volcanoes.

You might want to check out some of the screenshots that the developer has shared for the game; they give us quite an idea about it.

If you like them, you might want to look at tons more over here.

Those who like the game will be playing as secret agent Steve who has lost his memory while fighting a mafia. There will be multiplayer too; “LAN and probably MMO.”

AQP City is being made for PC and Android, would you be interested in playing something like this?