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Yahoo Classic Games is Now No More

Today marks the last day for Yahoo Classic Games, as the company begins removing its in-house titles from the website.

According to a statement passed on to VentureBeat by a company representative, the remaining games – Poker, Pool, and Bingo – should be completely pulled by tomorrow.

The decision is an attempt by Yahoo to shake the ladder a bit and refine its focus. In a new blog post, it writes that the removal is a part of their efforts to “streamline” their offerings and make way for better development on “Yahoo’s core experiences.”

However, the pulling of Yahoo Classic Games has nothing to do with Yahoo’s Games Network – which will continue on and not shut down alongside. “Players can still enjoy the hundreds of games built by third-party developers through the Yahoo Games Network,” said the company.

Those who have been part of Yahoo’s online free games for the past decade, will surely be a bit disappointed to see its closure. I myself had back then invested quite a few hours into online Yahoo Pool. It was a good clean experience.