Xbox One SDK Leaked Just Ahead of New Year, Homebrew Inbound?

Since the launch of new gen machines, it was inevitable that hackers will try their very best to modify the consoles, so that they can run third party softwares without any approval from either manufacturer.

Now it seems that homebrew days of this generation are not very far away, as a group of hackers calling themselves H4LT has released the Xbox One SDK online. It is the same software kit that is provided to the developers, so that they can make their games and apps for the console.

H4LT made this leak on their official Twitter profile, where they wrote:

However, this leak does not mean that every single programmer around the world will be able to utilize it and make apps or games for Xbox One because every game must get registered and approved by Microsoft before making its way to the console.

H4LT has also admitted that there’s “no definite exploit” at this point of time that would enable developers to come up with their own games on Xbox One without approval, but this leak has certainly opened up new doors for homebrew and modifications in the future.

Microsoft suffered from hacking first during the last-generation as well when Xbox 360 was modified to play pirated DVDs, which proved to be quite costly for both first party and third party developers.

This holiday season hasn’t been kind on Microsoft, as Xbox One was also taken offline by the group of hackers on Christmas day and now just at the brink of the new year, we have the leaked SDK. Any thoughts?

Source: The Tech Game, Se7en Sins