The Elder Scrolls Online Removes Six Month Subscription Plan

The Elder Scrolls series has been quite popular among the RPG fans, and last year, Zenimax gave us a new take on the franchise in the form of The Elder Scrolls Online.

However, the launch did not go as smoothly as developers would have liked as the game suffered from multiple issues that left it unplayable for a lot of players. With time, improvements and changes have been brought in to the game, so that the overall experience can be improved.

One of these new changes was brought in last week, which removed the 6 month subscription option from the game altogether.

Initially, players thought that this was due to an error or the game was going free to play, but as it turns out, it was neither, as the admin of the game’s French forums clarified that this change has been made because players preferred to go for the option of either 30 or 90 days.

We have noticed that players preferred subscriptions of 30 and 90 days, the Elder Scrolls Online team therefore took the decision to delete the 180 days subscription.

The 30 and 90 days subscription are still available.

Even after this clarification, there is still a possibility that The Elder Scrolls Online will go free-to-play sometime in the future. Until then, you will have to pay in order to play the MMORPG.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently available only for the PC users, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will get it some time next year.

Source: ESO Forums