Everything We Know About Tekken 7 So Far – Plot, Gameplay, Characters and More

The King of Iron Fist Tournament returns with the newest installment of popular fighting franchise, Tekken 7. The seventh installment in the ‘main series’, the game was announced during EVO Fighting Championship 2K14.

The game, once again, will revolve around the Mishima Bloodline and is reported to conclude the Mishima Saga once and for all. Fans will see a batch of new characters as well as some familiar faces from the past.

As far as story is concerned, the game primarily focuses on the Mishimas. The announcement trailer that we saw during EVO 2K14 gave a brief glimpse at Kazuya’s mother, Kazumi Mishimi and Kazuya confronting Heihachi about killing his mother.

I speculate that this must be something to do with Devil Gene which Heihachi always wanted, but it passed from Kazumi to Kazuya thence to Jin. Heihachi and his bastard Lars didn’t receive it because it was passed from Kazumi to her sons.

There is no solid information whether Kazumi will return as a playable character or merely as a vision. We do, however, know that this installment will fill in the gaps in story and answer some of the questions related to Tekken lore.

However the story unfolds, it’s good to see that the game is putting a lot of emphasis on the game’s plot – something which was sorely missing from the previous installments. It’d be interesting if Tekken 7 features a dedicated story mode, like the one seen in games like Injustice: Gods among Us and Mortal Kombat 9.

The game’s reveal also confirmed that it’s being developed using Unreal Engine 4. One of the benefits of using this game engine is that it makes porting a game to multiple platforms quite easier.

While a lot of fans are speculating that the game might not release on last-gen consoles, it’s completely up to developers – provided they have time and resources to do so.

However, the best part about using UE4 is the possibility of a PC release. The game’s creator Katsuhiro Harada stated in an interview that he’s an avid fan of PC gaming and would like to see Tekken on PC. Other than this, we have come across several online PC listings of the game. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Fans should also expect to see a visual overhaul, courtesy of UE4 – notably better hit boxes, character animations, and particle effects. The last two installments (Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament II) were almost identical due to limitations imposed by in-house engine and last-gen consoles.

One thing I’m most concerned about is how the new engine will impact the overall feel of the game? Needless to say, but UE4 will certainly alter the way Tekken 7 is played, though not to a great extent.

Coming to characters, Harada has confirmed that Tekken 7 will have close to 40 playable characters. Several popular guest artists will aid in designing these characters and their costumes.

Some of the artists working on Tekken 7 include Mari Shimazaki (from Bayonetta), Yusuke Yuzaki (from Fire Emblem: Awakening), Ninnin (from Duel Masters), and Kenichiro Yoshimura (from Max Anarchy).

So far the confirmed old characters include Paul, Law, Hwoarang, Steve, Lars, Leo, Bryan, Dragunov, King, Lili, Xiaoyu, Feng, Kazuya, Lili, Heihachi, and Asuka. Coming to new characters, there are 3 confirmed to this date.

The first confirmed character is Claudio who most fans are considering as a substitute of Miguel, but nothing is certain at this point. Other new character to make it to the roster is a Latin American named, Katarina. And lastly, another female character named Lucky Chloe.

Lastly, Harada is planning to add an Arab character to the roster. While the character is still in development stages, but Middle-Eastern fans should be excited to see a character of Arab origins.


In addition to new characters, the game will feature extensive customization options which are being designed by guest artists mentioned above!

Coming to the most important aspect of all; gameplay mechanics are greatly changed in Tekken 7 from previous installments. Since there are a lot of changes to take in, here’s a quick rundown of everything changed in Tekken 7 – in terms of gameplay mechanics:

  • The bound system will no longer be functional in Tekken 7. Instead, a similar mechanic is being implemented to extend combos, but it’s not bound!
  • Characters will be able to execute special powerful moves called Rage Arts (similar to Ultra Combos in Street Fighter IV and King of Fighters) which can only be executed in Rage Mode and chained in combos.
  • If two characters attack at the same time, it’ll trigger Power Crush, allowing your character to continue hitting till the end (both characters will take damage) (doesn’t apply to low attacks).
  • Slow motion animations are being introduced. These will trigger during killing blow, double KO, and even if the killing blow doesn’t connect.
  • Stages still break, but the bounce triggered from floor break is not as high as in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament II.
  • Characters have new animations when hit by a low or mid-low attack.
  • During the Rage Arts, timer completely freezes.
  • Players can execute Rage Arts immediately after a balcony break.

So far this is all we know about Tekken 7’s changed gameplay mechanics. The game is confirmed to run on 1080p and 60 FPS and will release on Arcades in February, 2015. As for the console release, no solid release has been provided yet.

What do you think of Tekken 7 with all its changes? Let us know in the comments below!