EVE Online Player Loses Ship With $1500 Worth PLEX Onboard

EVE Online has been out for a very long time and those of you who are still playing it would know there’s a large risk involved when you are carrying a big pile of PLEX these days.

However, one of the players totally ignored the fact and loaded $1500 worth of PLEX on to his ship and started his travel into deep space. The things, however, did not go as planned as the ship was blown to pieces by a fellow player named as Diorden and all the PLEX was lost.

There were a total of 84 pieces in the space craft and their worth on the open market was almost 70 billion ISK, but sadly all of it vaporized.

Events like this are quite common in the games of this large scale, but still the players should be careful enough to guard this kind of amount instead of going all out with no help whatsoever.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with PLEX would know that it is an extremely valuable currency in EVE Online which can be traded or sold to other players, and most importantly, it can be used to pay for the game’s subscription.

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Source: PCGamesN