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Capcom Trademarks Dragon’s Dogma Online in Japan and US

Capcom has been spotted to have trademarked Dragon’s Dogma Online in both Japan and US through the Japanese Trademarks Office and United States Patents and Trademarks Office.

The trademark was apparently filed on December 2 for Japan and US and was only made public today. Mention of a trademark filing for Dragon’s Dogma Online also reached us at the start of the month where Capcom was noted to secure rights to the name in the European region.

The company however, has yet to unveil what it has in store for us. Hints and teases for a new Dragon’s Dogma game have been fluttering on the web for the past two months.

Many speculated it to be Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, the mention of an online component suggests that Capcom might be going for a more community-based raiding experience.

With the year drawing to a close and Capcom sitting calmly after having secured rights to its trademark in all three regions, we can expect the studio to announce whatever they have been hiding next month.