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Capcom is Giving Away Free Resident Evil Revelations In-Game Items

The new year is coming up in just a few hours and to celebrate 2015, Capcom has given multiple new items to the players of Resident Evil Revelations for free.

First up is an assault rifle which is claimed to be the most powerful weapon in the category. It is called Highroller II (Level 31, Slot 5) and is described as:

Although it has the dubious honor of the assault rifle with the highest kickback, it also has the most power.

You will be able to unlock this gold plated weapon by using the code word ‘silent’.

Secondly, there is Bottomless Pouch III which includes some rare parts. This pouch is described as: “Running out of decoys? Just wait in the corner somewhere!”

You can unlock this item by typing the code ‘holy’.

Finally, there are some rare parts for the rifles. This customization pack is called Outrange III, and can be unlocked by using the code ‘night’.

If you are unaware of where to put the above mentioned codes, then worry not as we got you covered. Just go to the side menu and click on the option of ‘Enter Present Code’ and type any of the three options to get your gift.

You will have to hurry to get your hands on these goodies though, because the offer will only last until Jan. 5, 2015.

Source: Resident Evil.