World of Tanks: Winter Showdown Mode Turns Everything 8-Bit

Winter Showdown is coming to World of Tanks; a new game mode that will transform the entire world into an 8-bit version of itself.

That’s the main highlight of the mode, and on the side it will also bring three new vehicles, a new map, and the option to play in platoons of five with matches where two sets of platoons compete against each other.

Winter Showdown will also come packed with a special ammo that players can use to repair allied tanks and smash through walls. A battle arena will also be added, along with a new medal of “Operating Winter.”

According to the developer, the Winter Showdown mode will launch first in South Korea on January 15. It will then release in North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia on January 26.

In related news, World of Tank Blitz for mobile devices pushed through update 1.5 earlier this month, codenamed British Steel.

The game now has ten more British tanks, as well as a new map for users to blast each other to bits: Winter Malinovka. There’s also a new Crew System in World of Tank Blitz that allows tanks to diversify their abilities with recruits that can each learn skills. These abilities include less recoil, more penetration or a smoother ride.