The FBI is Reportedly Investigating PSN and Xbox Live DDoS Attacks

The FBI is currently tracking down the group of hackers responsible for breaking down Xbox Live and Playstation Network services starting from the Christmas Day, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Daily Dot.

A group entitling itself as the Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for the attacks in order to demonstrate a lack of security by both Microsoft and Sony. Following the attacks, the group has spoken to various media organizations and raised more than 125,000 followers on Twitter alone.

The series of interviews with BBC Radio 5 Live and Sky News gained the attention of an FBI special agent, the sources have claimed. One of the members of group, Ryan ‘ViraL’ Cleary is reported to be 16/17 years old living in Finland. The boy claims that his country of residence grants him protection against US law enforcement agencies as per Finnish law. The FBI special agent reported to be tracking down the hacker was neither available on phone call nor responded to emails.

The Lizard Squad used the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) to break down Xbox Live and Playstation Network using undersea routers with a total of 1.2 terabits per second of data to shutdown both online services.

It seems like the group has diverted its attention to something else as both network are working fine as of this instant. However, there are still some users unable to sign into PSN. The only way these users can access the online services is by changing MTU values – an in-depth tutorial can be found here.