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PSN Gets Recent Updates to Fix Sign-in Issues, Asks For User Feedback

It seems like SCE is making some positive progress in restoring Playstation Network following a series of DDoS attacks that broke down the online services (both Xbox Live and PSN) since the Christmas Day.

Sony has confirmed via Twitter that they made some recent updates to their network which would allow users to sign-in without changing their MTU value:

Update for PS4 users: We’ve made recent updates to the network that should allow you to sign in without changing MTU settings.

Some users have reported that everything is indeed working fine, but for a majority, the issues still prevail. Those who are still experiencing issues are asked to keep an eye on the provided thread and post their issues along with:

  • Location
  • ISP Provider
  • Console affected
  • Error(s) received – please be specific (screenshots welcome)

Those of you who are wondering how to change their MTU value to get back should check this post for detailed information!

In related news, the FBI is currently tracking down the group of hackers responsible for these attacks. Read here for more details.