Nintendo’s Iwata Discusses Hardware Frustrations & Ways to Improve Future Devices

Japanese website, 4Gamer recently conducted an extensive interview with about 150 Japanese developers where Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata shared some interesting concerns regarding Nintendo’s hardware.

During the said interview, Mr. Iwata shared his hardware frustration and promises to implement features which are currently not available in Nintendo’s devices. For instance, during the development of Game Boy Advance SP, Iwata wanted to implement a sleep functionality when the system closed.

Although this feature didn’t make it to the final build, Iwata decided to implement in the next device:

The GBA SP was also a clam-shell design, so I pretty adamantly demanded of the hardware team that it went to sleep when it was closed. ‘This feature is absolutely essential!’ I said.

However, at that time, they told me that as it would take re-working the chip so it could be turned on and off it would take a year to do it, so I had to reluctantly withdraw my request. Nevertheless, I did tell them that they had to make sure the next system they designed would be able to go into sleep mode.

Iwata also stated that at the time of Wii U launch, Dwango’s Nobuo Kawakami provided some valuable feedback, using which the company plans to make better its future hardware devices:

Right after the Wii U launched, when you were kind enough to give us quite a lot of feedback, Mr. Kawakami, I had a similar feeling of frustration to the GBA SP situation then. On various points, I thought ‘We have to do that next time!’

With that being said, it would be interesting to see how Nintendo plans to implement much-needed features in upcoming hardware devices.

Source: NEOGAF.