New Tekken 7 Video Shows More of Gameplay From Korean Test Locations

A new gameplay video of Tekken 7 has surfaced online which showcases a fistful of characters, lengthy combos, and chains of EWGF.

The said video is acquired from Korean Location Tests and shows different characters like Lars, Leo, Paul, Claudio, and Kazuya in action. Although there is nothing about the game that wasn’t already known, but watching the world’s finest Tekken players have a go at the game is a joy of its own.

For a quick recap for those who aren’t following the Tekken scene; the bound system will no longer be functional in Tekken 7, instead a similar mechanic is used which provides players with an opportunity to execute follow-up attacks leading to combos.

Similar to popular fighting franchises like Street Fighter and the King of Fighters, Tekken 7 will include an Ultra Combo dealing massive amount of damage, but highly punishable. These Ultra Combos can be chained into simple combos, but require strict timing.

In addition to this, we also saw a new character being introduced in Tekken 7 named Claudio. Claudio is able to throw projectiles is being called by certain fans as a replacement for Miguel.

Another notable thing about the game is that it’s being developed using Unreal Engine 3 which also leads to a possibility that the game might launch on PC. You can check out the gameplay video above and share your impressions with us!

With no solid release date to go by, Tekken 7 is expected to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.