MGS V: Ground Zeroes Game Client Gets a Beta Version to Fix Launch Issues

Kojima Productions Online Community Manager, Robert Allen Peeler recently took to Steam Community to announce a beta version for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes in order to encounter various reported bugs.

The beta version of the game client contains a recent patch which addresses some most-commonly reported issues including Y-axis camera, low memory error shortly after launching the game, and inability to launch the game with external USB connected devices:

  • When the Camera Y Axis is set to Reverse, the camera movement with the mouse will reflect the change
  • Under some conditions, there was a “Low Memory” error a few minutes after launching the game. This issue has been fixed
  • When some USB devices were connected the game didn’t launch. This issue has been fixed

In order to download the beta version, open up your Steam Library and right-click MGS V: Ground Zeroes followed by selecting ‘Properties’ and then ‘Beta’.

Also make sure to check out our MGS V: Ground Zeroes Workaround Guides for some fixes of most-commonly occuring issues. Allen has also asked to keep an eye on the Discussion Forums and this thread for more information on beta development.

While the beta client has indeed fixed quite a handful of issues, some problems concerning audio, weapon animation, and frequent crashes still plague the game. Did you get a chance to download the beta client, let us know how is it working for you?