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How To Access Playstation Network And Get Back Online

In a series of what were believed to be attacks by hackers, both Xbox Live and Playstation Network went down from the Christmas day. Now although Sony is claiming that it has sorted out the issue, users all over social media are complaining the otherwise.

Those of you who are still experiencing issues signing into Playstation Network, we have compiled a solution which might help you overcome these issues. Read on to find a step-by-step guide on how to sign-in PSN:

Step #1
Turn on your Playstation 4 system

Step #2
From the UI, select ‘Settings’

Step #3
Under the ‘Settings’, select the ‘Network’ tab

Step #4
Under the ‘Network’ drop-down menu, select ‘Custom’

Step #5
After selecting ‘Custom’ under ‘Network’ drop-down menu, you need to set everything as ‘Default’ except MTU

Step #6
You need to change the MTU value to ‘1473’ followed by saving changes and rebooting the system

Once this is done, you will be able to sign-in Playstation Network. However, do keep in mind is that using this method may affect your matchmaking and in-game performance.

On the other hand, Xbox Live is also experiencing similar issues which are still not fixed. For more information on Xbox Live Status, check Xbox Support. As of this instant, we have no similar workaround for Xbox Live users, but we will surely update if we come across anything.

Do make sure to notify us if any of these services are working for you!