Dota 2’s Biggest Happenings in 2014, It’s Been an Eventful Year

If you’ve been on the Internet around Halloween since last year, you might have noticed a riot post somewhere saying “< ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE", showing fans anger about the lack of communication by Valve and the lack of a themed event. Being passionate for a game is what drives a community forward, however, their anger went so far out of hand that they've contacted Volvo and even went on to complain on President Obama’s facebook.

While this year there, hasn’t been something blownout of proportion like the Diretide incident, there have been many drama stories. The following are 2014’s biggest dramas in Dota 2:

FLUFF n Blog
One of North America’s biggest teams, Team Liquid, was having a really awful streak of losses against all kinds of teams. They simply were failing left and right. One of their players, FLUFF N STUFF went on to write a huge blog on public about how much his team hates him and doesn’t get along. The drama got backlash from the entire community.

His team decided to give him one last chance and made him captain for a few games…. though it failed to produce any kind of results and Team Liquid ultimately decided to kick FLUFF N STUFF

Fata’s miskill in Dream League
Every player in Dota 2 makes mistakes, pros included. This one however, went way out of hand with the way it was handled. Fata skilled Presence of the Dark Lord on his Shadow Fiend and instead of carrying on and playing with his mistake, he instantly left the game.

Instead of using the reconnect feature, he lied to the admin that he was unable to rejoin the game so it had to be remade. What’s worse was that the enemy team was attempting a level 1 Roshan.

D2CL 20 minute game remake with same picks
A huge fail on the part of the admins. Dota 2 network went down so the match failed to appear on the ticket for fans to watch through the in-game client.

However, the admin failed to tell the players, who went on and kept playing the game, it went on for a full 20 minutes before another admin threatened to give a loss to both teams if they didn’t remake the game. Obviously the player’s reactions were everything but positive.

DK’s team audio being leaked to the public at TI4
Gamefy, a huge gaming company in China decided it was a good idea to eavesdrop on some teams to record their plans and strategy and release it to the public, all without the teams and Valve’s consent.

The International 4 was the biggest event in gaming up to date so you can imagine how much this has harmed DK as they’ve failed to reach the Grand Final.

Era and Fnatic in TI4
In 2014 Fnatic had been playing with Xcalibur, due to Era’s health problems. With TI4 really close, Fnatic thought it was a good idea to play with Xcalibur instead of Era so they tried to appeal to Valve.

Valve didn’t cave to their request and said either Fnatic plays with their original roster or they will not play. Fnatic did still bring Xcalibur, who didn’t play any games and it just seemed like Fnatic had no teamwork at all because they’ve failed to even reach the top 8 in TI4.

The comeback mechanic in 6.82
This version released a mechanic in which it boosted bounty rewards not only based on the level of the victim, but also the net worth of his team. The gold and experience swing was so huge that all kinds of players expressed their views on twitter. Valve toned it down just one day later with 6.82b and then further again a week later on 6.82c.

Arrow Gaming match fixing
Probably the biggest team in South East Asia, who played in TI4, thought it would be a good idea to purposely lose a match against one of the weakest teams in the Synergy League. They’ve placed many bets against them, bets so ridiculous that they’ve easily got caught after an investigation.

They tried lying their way out of this and even blamed their manager, but later when the evidence was hugely stacked against them, they had to apologize. Too late though because they’ve got banned out of every tournament they were in.

So yes, it has been an eventful year with a lot of dramas, upsets and funny moments and that’s all I could add to the list. You must have your own list, you can share it with us in the comments below.