Deep Down New Screens Show Fearsome Monsters & Hostile Dungeons

Capcom’s third-person action dungeon-crawler, Deep Down has received a handful of new screenshots showing unfriendly environments, fierce creatures, and the central protagonist.

The said screenshots showcase a variety of monsters that players will encounter in the game. Additionally, the central character is shown equipped with a shining armour, a two-handed spear, and a sword-and-a-shield.

The game has been kept under shadows for quite a long time with several fans alleging a visual downgrade. Have a look at the screenshots provided below and let us know whether you believe it to be true or not?

Contrary to what appears, Deep Down isn’t a medieval RPG. Instead, the game is set in year 2094 New York, USA. While exploring the futuristic world, players will come across certain magical artifacts. By interacting with these artifacts, players will be able to travel back in time to explore unique areas and encounter a boss at the end.

The said artifacts are named after emotions: Anger, Rage, Hate, Envy, Lust, and Wrath; each of these will take players to unique areas.

Originally revealed at Playstation 4 reveal, Deep Down remains a PS4-exclusive without a concrete release date. However, in a recent interview, game’s producer Kazunori Sugiura stated that the game is almost 60% completed and will probably launch sometime in 2015.