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SegmentNext Wishes Everyone Happy Holidays!

The year 2014 has been a strange year for video games enthusiasts. The advent of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – and the associated next-gen war – had everyone riled up to what was initially thought to be a year filled to the brim with fabulous titles.

Throughout the year we saw titles jumping around their release dates. Over a dozen titles were delayed, with many being pushing back to 2015. Ubisoft had a tremendously flawed year with its overly hyped titles that were released as half-baked messes. Assassin’s Creed: Unity will live through history as a reminder why companies have quality testing divisions, and why good press release matters.

Microsoft’s journey with the Xbox One had a number of hurdles that helped PlayStation 4 rake in customers in a global flood. However, in the second part of the year – under the guidance of Phil Spencer – the company turned things around by a large notch. It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft plans to take advantage of this new found momentum in 2015.

EA also surprised everyone by releasing Dragon Age: Inquisition, a title that won in every category and fully redeemed BioWare for its half-hearted attempt at Dragon Age II.

Now though the year is coming to an end. This is me and the team at SegmentNext signing off for the holidays. We hope that you all have a blast and we’ll return to bring you the happenings in the video games industry with the start of the new week.