Total War Attila Spotlight Trailer Details Army Management

The last time we heard of Total War Attila was when the developers released the Red Horse trailer that I am sure most of the series fans would have loved. Before that it was the news regarding the release date announcement of the game.

This time however, Creative Assembly is talking about gameplay mechanics – things that make Total War, Total War.

While some of you might not like those tons and tons of Army Management tools that Total War Attila is going to bring you, people who recognise themselves as hardcore fans of army based games would really like to get ahold of how those pluses and minuses work.

If you are on of those, check out the brand new trailer above that will take you through the different customization options that you are going to get. Most importantly it shows off two new features namely the wives of the army generals and their households.

Both of these features will affect your gameplay – really.

You also get to see the UI and how the skill traits of the generals can be managed.

Total War Attila is going to be released as a PC exclusive on February 17, 2015.