Team Fortress 2 Christmas Update Brings New Guns and Game Mode

Holidays are upon us and Valve has decided to celebrate the occasion with fans by releasing a new Christmas-themed update for Team Fortress 2. The update known as swissmas was announced via Team Fortress 2 official blog.

Swissmass is adding some really cool new stuff which includes weapons and a new game mode called “Manpower.” Though the new mode is in its beta but fans will still take it!

As for the weapons, the first one is a grenade launcher for Demoman called the Iron Bomber. What’s special about this one? Well, the grenades from this weapon don’t bounce or roll.

Second on the list of weapons is a stickybomb thrower called Quickiebomb Launcher. This one uses stickybombs which “fizzle after 2 seconds.” The new launcher has been added to the store, item drop list and craft list.

Last but not the least and certainly my favorite, is the The Panic Attack. Which is a multi class fast shooting shotgun. Furthermore, details about the Manpower mode were shared in the patch notes.

You can check some of the highlights below, or visit the link here to know more about it.

  • 8 permanent powerups, which can only be held one at a time, can be found on the map
  • Killing a player with a permanent powerup forces the powerup to drop
  • One temporary powerup can be found on the map
  • Players can make use of the ‘dropitem’ command to drop the currently held permanent powerup
  • A new Default Stock Action Item Grappling Hook is present. Grappling hooks are usable in Mannpower mode and all servers that enable it. Once equipped, press and hold the action key to use it in order to move the player toward the hooked object.
  • Mannpower is essentially modified version of Capture the Flag that requires your team’s flag to be at base in order to capture the enemy flag

Merry Swissmas everyone!