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Sunset Overdrive DLC Mystery of the Mooil Rig is Out Now

If you have been playing Insomniac Games’ crazy fun title Sunset Overdrive, you would also know about the first DLC pack of the game, Mystery of the Mooil Rig.

We reported to you a fortnight ago when the developers had announced the downloadable content pack alongside an impressive (and equally crazy as the game) trailer.

Now, the said DLC has been released.

As far as the contents of the pack are concerned, Insomniac Games is boasting of a lot of new stuff ranging from missions to weapons and story to bosses.

The newest expansion pack for “Sunset Overdrive” has arrived! Dive into “Sunset Overdrive and the Mystery of Mooil Rig!” starting today, available with a Season Pass or for separate purchase from the Xbox Store for £7.99. Sunset Overdrive and the Mystery of the Mooil Rig! is packed full with new stuff, including story missions, two weapons, two Amps, one trap, two vanity items, plus new quests, challenges, Chaos Squad missions, Night Defense base and boss!

That is not all, they have also announced that players can now participate in the Beat the Dev challenge in Chaos Squad where some of the players will be given the chance to beat one of the developers of the game!

Anyone who is able to actually beat the dev will not only get an exclusive in-game item (a shirt) and an icon of a gas mask alongside their gamertag (for bragging rights) but also unlock an achievement that is titled Beat the Dev.

The achievement also gets you 25 Gamerscore.

Interestingly, the fun doesn’t end there. Once you win all that,, you will have to fight to keep it exclusive. This means that anyone who will beat the player who beat the developer, will also get all those items and the process will keep going.

So, who’s up for some Sunset Overdrive with the guys who made it?