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PS4 Sales In Japan Boosted By Dragon Quest Edition

Media Create sales figures indicate that the Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition PlayStation 4 console sold 38,000 units in its release week. It launched in Japan on December 11, 2014.

Square Enix branded this special console to hype people for the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes mash-up, which is only set to come out on Fevruary 26, 2015. On the grey console, a slime embossing rests on the top, while a gooey figurine can be fitted on the USB slot.

A console also comes with a download code for Dragon Quest Heroes, which blends together the Dynasty Warriors model with Square’s roleplaying game (RPG) franchise. This is the first time that the series will return to Sony, after Dragon Quest VIII gave us a classic on Playstation 2.

Those sizable sales figures of the special edition complement the total PS4’s sold, bringing its tally to 68,041 that week. That makes it the best week for PS4 hardware since the Japanese launch in February, when 309,000 units were sold.

Dragon Quest Heroes will feature several characters from past iterations, as well as the known cast of monsters, such as slimes and golems. Characters like Jessica and Yangus were already confirmed to make an appearance.

This is the second time in a short time that Dynasty Warriors will get redone in a long-standing series. Earlier this year, Hyrule Warriors regaled Nintendo Wii U owners with the most action-heavy Zelda title yet.

Much like Dragon Quest Heroes, the Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition PlayStation 4 console has yet to be announced for a release outside of Japan.

via Siliconera.