Historic RPG Akalabeth: World of Doom Free On GOG

Online store GOG.com stands for Good Old Games. With its latest release of Akalabeth: World of Doom, it holds that name’s definition up high, as this is a roleplaying game (RPG) from all the way in 1979.

There is more history to Akalabeth: World of Doom than just seniority. This adventure is also the first title created by Richard Garriott, Lord British for the plebs.

Garriott created this RPG when still a teenager. It was made on an Apple II, a formative piece of hardware for many older developers.

In a sense, Akalabeth: World of Doom is considered to be the precursor to the classic and lengthy Ultima series that Garriott would spawn over the years. It’s sort of “Ultima 0,” if you will.

For instance, the game has procedural generation for its dungeons, wire frame visuals and RPG elements. In ’79, this was quite impressive for the son of a NASA astronaut.

Now for the good part: Akalabeth: World of Doom is free on GOG.com. It also comes with some added wallpapers, a manual and a version from 1998.

The game follows a QWERTY keyboard setup, in case you get a little confused. Controls are explained in the booklet, like in the olden days.

Other iterations in the series previously launched on GOG for free as well. These games include Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar, Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire and Ultima Worlds of Adventure: Martian Dreams.

Other games from the franchise will receive a big 80% discount until December 26, 2014.