GTA Online Now Has Snow Balls, SnowBall Fight Anyone?

Christmas is just around the corner and everywhere we look, we see holiday sales, holiday themed game updates, weapons and what not. Valve Announced a game mode for Team Fortress 2 to celebrate the occasion and both Steam and Origin are expressing their excitement in their own way as well.

Since everyone is in the holiday spirit, how can Rockstar not be? Their multi billion dollar franchise GTA V was released last year and was remastered for the new gen consoles just recently.

GTA V also features an online section known as GTA Online. Since we first played GTA Online, we have been using a number of weapons and vehicles to complete missions and kill a ton of people for no reason.

However, the most dangerous weapon of all has been added to the mix. If you log-in to GTA Online right now, you will notice something different. It’s snow everywhere and where there’s snow, there are snow balls.

You know what that means, snowball fights!

If killing people with rocket and grenade launchers wasn’t enough, you can now kill people with snowballs. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in GTA. I wonder what Rockstar has planned for new year celebrations.

You can check out some brutal snowball action above and let us know what you think of it, in the comments below!