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2K Games Mobile Sale Puts Games 50% Off

Publisher 2K Games launched its own end-of-year sale for some of its products. No, we don’t mean the Steam holiday sale; that one’s a given.

Those down with the growing mobile market can now grab the publisher’s range of premium downloads for up to 50% off. Since 2K Games is known for some of the most expensive mobile projects to date, any discount is likely a good one.

Most notably, the newer Civilization Revolution 2 is slashed to $7.99 on both iOS and Android. Sid Meier’s newest strategy game spinoff is only available on mobile platforms.

This is the first time that Civilization makes it to Android. Its predecessor, the first Revolution, managed to skip the operating system in favor of Windows Phone. How crazy is that?

If you’re a beginner in the 4X genre that sees you select an empire and steadily grow it out to overtake the world, the Revolution offshoot is the place to start for you. Most of the mechanisms are downsized to facilitate a much faster pace that’s low on management.

Other discounts include Bioshock for $4.99, though you can likely score the PC version for that price somewhere. XCOM: Enemy Within is reduced to $6.99 and lends itself more to touchscreens with its turn-based combat.

For sports fans, NHL 2K and NBA 2K15 are discounted to $3.99 each.

Of course, if you are so inclined to look at the Steam holiday sale, 2K Games has several games up there as well. For instance, the excellent XCOM: Enemy Unkown is one of today’s daily deals.