Xbox One Played for 189 Million Hours in Two Weeks!

Wow! Now that is saying something!

Microsoft has revealed just how much does the community love an Xbox One in their home. Not only that, they have also revealed how much of a relief it is for the fans to have been done with their finals or semesters or just their classes.

The official Twitter profile of Xbox tweeted an image that has a thank you note saying “thanks for playing” alongside a gigantic figure showing off exactly how many hours the community clocked in by playing games on the console in the first two weeks of December.

Apparently, you guys didn’t have anything else to do!

The community played Xbox One for 189 million hours! That is 21000 years, in just 14 days!

However, we are not sure what exactly is included in this figure. Microsoft didn’t clarify whether this meant the overall time for which the console was switched on, or is it specifically the time for which games were played.

It is also not clear if that includes the hours that were spent by each one of the millions of users while downloading game patches or not.

Nonetheless, this is such a massive figure that even if it includes that time, the usage of Xbox One will still be humongous in this month.

How many hours on average do you think you play games on your console per day? Also, how much more do you play in the holidays season?