Tower Defense Fat Chicken Free For The Holidays

Developer Relevant Games has made Fat Chicken’s price disappear for the holidays. Their tower defense game will be free to play until January 2, 2015.

While the strategy title launched on Steam not too long ago, the free download is for its mobile release on iOS, which came out on December 16, 2014. Normally, that version would set you back $4.99.

It takes 356Mb to download Fat Chicken. You’ll need to run iOS 7.0 or later. The build is optimized for iPhone 5.

We previewed Fat Chicken during its stint on Early Access. As tower defense titles go, its main mechanisms aren’t too different, though they’re set in reverse.

Here, the goal is to lead cattle to the slaughterhouse. Creatures walking the line need to be kept alive with the use of buildings set down at key locations.

Aside from just feeding chicken, pigs and cows, some towers can butter up targets with artificial hormones. When overfed or overstressed, creatures will explode, which harms the juicy profits necessary to please the corporate headquarters.

Fat Chicken has a touch of psychology added to its game, as protestors will plead not to overexert livestock. These hippies can turn violent as well, however, as they try to shut down production lines.

Henchmen can be hired to make sure the profits keep coming in. This includes “policing” any protestor.

There even are alien ships floating around some locations. These need to be shot down with the use of defense turrets.

If only the real food industry was as cute as Fat Chicken. We fear reality might be grimmer still.