Speedrunners’ Demo Is A Free Local Play Version

Publisher tinyBuild has released a free demo for Speedrunners on Steam. It’s an arcade game where a set of characters try to outrun each other in locations filled with obstacles and height differences.

This demo is dubbed the “Party mode” of the game. It consists of a playable build that has four preset runners, who are competing on three maps.

Alley, SS Royale and Theme Park are on auto-rotation. Similarly, it’s not possible to choose characters.

Instead, to join the game, players simply need to tag in, which takes over control of one of the bots in play. Should a player leave, bots will take over for them once more.

There is only local play in the demo of Speedrunners, but it essentially gives lone players a fully functional build. It’s possible to pick up power-ups to take down opponents, shortcuts can be switched off and grapple hooks let characters swing from ceilings.

In the full game of Speedrunners, there are nine maps in total. Moreover, the game comes with a level editor for user-made locations.

Additionally, a purchase of the arcade game allows you to pick your own character. There is downloadable content (DLC) that adds Youtube personalities to the roster.

Speedrunners is still in its Early Access stage, though it states on the store page that it should exit it soon.

Publisher tinyBuild has a few other, quirky titles on Steam, such as the rhythmical Fearless Fantasy or the cute Lovely Planet reflex shooter. Recently, the company also brought on Mike Rose, formerly with Gamasutra, to help the studio establish more connections with indie games.