Resident Evil Revelations Holiday Presents are Rare Weapons

Most of the series fans will agree that the Resident Evil Revelations is far from old yet. In fact, the developers of the game also agree with that. They recently announced a Resident Evil Revelations Holiday Present Campaign to make the days better for you!

Capcom’s official website has a post where the development team announced that in this holiday season, they would “like to take this opportunity to give a couple of gifts to all of our users.”

There are two different presents that you are going to get from them and both of them are some rare weapons. The first one is a handgun while the other one is a gothic looking shotgun.

The handgun in question was defined by the developers who call it “A light in the dark: Revelator (Lv46, Slot 3) A well-balanced handgun.” Every one who wishes to get their hands on it can unlock it by “using the name of the RE6 extra content mode required for the “Proud Survivor” online event (upper or lowercase).”

Moving on, the shotgun that is being offered as a present is called Lindwurm (Lv10, Slot 6) that they refer to as a “sShell for shell the most powerful shotgun.” This one can be unlocked by using “winter.”

That is all for the weapons, but you can also get your hands on a rare item. Here’s what the developers had to say about it: “Ghost ship passengers don’t board without it: Ammo magnet VI Better than a lost & found! Unlock with [vacation].”

Unlocking each one of them is simple, all you need to do is enter the given present codes through the Enter Present Code button that you see on the menu screen.