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Interstellar Marines Fixes Hit Detection, Gets More Co-op

Shooter Interstellar Marines has added a second co-op campaign, which features its latest Starcrown location. This is complemented with five challenge maps for several game modes.

Starcrown is all about stealth. A team will need to infiltrate an industrial-military base and retrieve research data.

With the update, Interstellar Marines also receives a range of tweaks. For instance, revives now has a timer and a new hit detection system should improve gameplay.

Players hosting a game now have admin rights to kick or ban other players. There is also the first version of player stats available in the Profile tab, though progress will likely be wiped a few times.

This is the sixteenth major patch Interstellar Marines has received. While the shooter is focused on cooperative gameplay, it initially started without that particular option.

If you want to feel like time is flying by: Interstellar Marines has been on Steam’s Early Access since July 2, 2013. With well over a year on the timer, the game is said to still be in pre-Alpha, which seems preposterous with all that time and effort put into it.

Interstellar Marines takes inspiration from old classics like Half-Life and System Shock 2. Kim Haar Jørgensen of developer Zero Point Software also mentioned:

We’ve been compared many times to the Rainbow 6 series of games, and as they’re a heavy influence on us we’re extremely proud of that!

There are two versions of Interstellar Marines for purchase, a normal one and the Spearhead edition with a bunch of extras. Only the regular version is currently discounted in the Steam holiday sale though.