Etherium’s First Gameplay Trailer Highlights Dynamic Weather and More

Wrapping up today’s reporting of a slow news day is the first gameplay trailer for Etherium.

For some reason Tindalos Interactive has chosen to keep its upcoming real time strategy title in the shadows all this time. However, with the game’s release date approaching fast, Etherium is finally being showcased for all RTS fans to dissect its gameplay and mechanics.

Etherium is the name of a highly important resource in the game that three different factions are after. Each has its own reason for pursuing the resource and you, the player, will be learning all about it as you progress through the game.

Additionally, each faction comes with its own set of unique abilities, strengths, weakness, set of technologies and capabilities.

The video also highlights the game’s dynamic weather system that will have a direct impact on your strategy. Sandstorms can be used to approach enemy bases unseen and frozen lakes can be used as terrains for surprise attacks. Etherium has seven planets and each features “diverse environments”.

The game is scheduled for release in early 2015.