The Tomorrow Children’s New Gameplay Trailer Features Alpha Footage

Developer Q-Games has pushed forward a new gameplay trailer for The Tomorrow Children that comprises footage from its recently concluded alpha testing.

Creative Director Dylan Cuthbert is featured as the narrator who explains to viewers about the happenings on-screen and provides more information about The Tomorrow Children.

Q-Games also released an infographic featuring highlights of what took place during the alpha testing. Apparently a total of 38,842 monsters were killed. Players thought that the Engineer commander class was the most attractive one and hence was the most picked – 1990 characters created making it 23 percent of the total. The remaining statistics tell us about the amount of resources collected, buildings lost to monsters and more.

You can check that infographic by heading here.

The Tomorrow Children is an exclusive sandbox title for the PlayStation 4. A release date is still pending but it will release sometime next year.