Star Citizen Latest Trailer Wants You To Imagine What The Game Will Feel Like

Star Citizen is a long way from its full release, which is why developers want you to imagine how your experience would feel like in the game.

To make your imagination clearer, a new video has been released which showcases multiple gameplay modes that are available in the game or are coming in the future.

Along with the gameplay glimpses, is the beautiful cinematic trip of space, and if the game turns out to be as good looking as it looks in the video, then it will surely set a new standard for other developers.

The demand for Star Citizen has been on the rise since the day it was first revealed, and I am sure there will be more players joining in as we draw near to the full release.

Cloud Imperium has been improving the overall gameplay experience through different updates and modules, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Now that Arena Commander has finally reached version 1.0, we can expect the development process to pick up the pace in the coming year.

Fans of Star Citizen are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of first person module, which looked great when we got a look at it a few months back, and I am sure that the final version will be improved even more.

There is no release date for Star Citizen and it is very hard for the developers to provide a fixed date for the game, where there’s always room for improvement, but we hope that we will get to play the full version sometime in 2016.