Platform Game Juju Has Lots Of Colorful Gameplay

Despite its release earlier this month, platform game Juju is still busting out gameplay trailers to showcase its cutesy atmosphere. In the latest serving, we’re pelted with praising press blurbs.

More than just self-congratulatory words, this latest clip has a ton of varied gameplay content on display. It shows what a versatile side-scrolling adventure Juju can be.

In the game, two characters venture out to stop an ancient evil, as per old platform game customs. Each character can be seen displaying its specific powers, which includes air dashes and rolling over enemies.

We can see vine swinging, item collection, bounce pads and underwater sections as well. These sections are slightly reminiscent of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze that offers similar mechanisms.

Going further, Juju offers a few slight puzzle elements and hurried sections. Naturally, no platform game would be complete with a few boss fights, such as a giant toad or even a colossal robot.

There are several different locations and themes in the game. It stays as colorful as possible throughout though.

Juju was created by developer Flying Wild Hog, who hereby takes on a completely different model than they’re used to. Their previous projects are the gory Shadow Warrior remake and Hard Reset, a futuristic, dystopian shooter.

Apparently, the developer made Juju so that they could play cooperatively with lesser-skilled kids. For instance, the snake character, Peyo, is less targeted by bosses, which gives others the opportunity to lead with Juju.

Juju is out on PC for $19.99 or an unequal €19.99. A Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 version is available as well.