J-Stars Victory VS+ Headed to Western Market, Coming 2015

J-Stars Victory VS+ has been announced for the west along with a new trailer which shows what to expect and is enough to get the fans highly excited.

Next year in summer, the game will hit the western regions. The title is being developed by Spike Chunsoft and includes original manga and anime characters from more than 30 different Shannon Jump franchises, such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z among others.

Players will be able to battle it out in a number of game modes; one of which is the The J-Adventure Story Mode, which will take players to a variety of different manga and anime worlds to see who comes out of top.

There is also a 2 vs. 2 Team Battle Mode. It’s a simple 2 on 2 battle, as the name suggests.

When the game comes out in the west, it will feature an exclusive Arcade Mode that will allow one-on-one matches.

Bandai Namco Games America’s Senior vice president of sales and marketing stated:

With its cornucopia of anime and manga characters and franchises J-Stars Victory VS+ is a title that anime fans and gamers alike could only dream of Bandai Namco Entertainment America bringing to the West.

He further added:

Today, we’re making those dreams come true; this over-the-top crossover fighting game is poised to pit some of the most famous anime characters in battles never thought possible.

J-Stars Victory was released back in 2013 on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The VS+ version however, is being released on PS4 as well, in addition to PS3 and PS Vita.