Destiny: January Update Includes “Stuff You’ve Been Asking For”

Bungie has provided an end-of-the-year update for Destiny, which speaks about statistics and the upcoming January update.

According to the posting made on its official blog, nearly thirteen million people have played Destiny so far and the number keeps increasing day by day.

Additionally, over 23 million Guardians have been created and players have spent nearly 872.4 million hours collectively in the game.

The game’s new Crota’s End raid has been successfully completed nearly 800 times. Bungie noted that this number will skyrocket during the Christmas season, as everyone will be utilizing their vacations to make at least a single run.

The developer also announced that current Destiny players will be receiving “small stocking stuffers” during the holidays. As for the January update, it will arrive late in the month and will include “stuff you’ve been asking for”.

Finally, Bungie asked its community to be nice this season and not incur wrath on newbies who’ll come on the forums to ask for guidance.

“One final thought: Destiny is about to receive a stampeding influx of what gamers inevitably refer to as “Christmas Noobs.” Go easy on ’em. They’ll show up in the Crucible – lost, confused, and freshly minted as Level Fives.

“They’ll arrive on the forum where you’re sort of a big deal, asking questions you discovered the answers to a long time ago. Take them under your wing. Show them the way. They’ll learn a lot from you.”

Source Bungie