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DayZ Standalone Patch 0.52 Brings New Suicide Variants, Chainsaw And More

New patch 0.52 for the popular survival title, DayZ Standalone has gone live and it adds plenty of new stuff and features to the game including new weapons, items, gardening and a lot more.

The gardening plots can now be set up wherever you want, but still you will need all the right ingredients to do so.

Furthermore, in the spirit of holidays, Christmas trees have been added to all major cities where you will find some rewards and valuable loot.

New weapons have also been added to DayZ Standalone with this update including Long sword, cleaver, stone knife, and the highly demanded Chainsaw. Some new items for the weapons, new outfits and color variants have been added as well.

Gameplay mechanics have also received some advancements, you can check out all the newly added mechanics listed below:

  • Suicide (variants)
  • Using scopes for scouting
  • Redone horticulture mechanics
  • Redone spawn points and amount of vehicles
  • Exiting and entering animations for vehicles
  • Christmas presents
  • Crafting of fishing rod, stone knife, bow, with nature only resources
  • You can cut out seeds out of vegetables
  • Torch crafting
  • Blade sharpening
  • Silencers working
  • Using of almost all items for melee

The patch also adds some new locations to the game, while some previously available places have been updated.

Finally, some of the issues that were bothering the players during their time with DayZ Standalone have been addressed, which will improve the overall experience.

To read up on all the patch notes of this new update, visit the game’s official forums.