Beatshapers Made A VR Headset With A PS Vita

Developer Beatshapers is taking its interest in Sony appliances a little further than anyone else. This year, the studio has been working on a virtual reality (VR) headset for Playstation Vita, unique in its kind.

CEO Alexey Menshikov talks about how the process of building a handheld VR set came to pass. In an article with PushSquare, the developer states:

We got all of the VR headsets that we could get our hands on, and spent several months working on experiments with various gameplay styles, genres, camera perspectives, and player placement.

Menshikov got the idea when reading up on articles of John Carmack who left a long-standing position with id Software to work on Oculus Rift. That’s when the developer saw the Vita on their desk and got an idea:

A light bulb went off. With duct tape, scissors, and a bit of black magic, we made a Vita VR headset.

Apparently, a Vita is pretty capable of being a low-level substitute for the current range of VR equipment. Menshikov continued:

Control wise, we have full access to the rear touchpad, d-pad, face buttons, and triggers. The analogue sticks are only partially exposed, but this could be fixed with a custom fit enclosure. Maybe we’ll use a 3D printer for that if we have enough time.

One of the only problems with the handheld would be a lesser resolution, though the developer mentioned that it’s better than the first Oculus development kit. Also, since Playstation TV is Dualshock 3 compatible, it could be possible to have a controller work in conjunction with the headset.

Currently, Beatshapers is working on Playstation 4 racer Ready to Run. They recently released #Killallzombies, an arena survival game with livestream commands for viewers.