Battlefield 4 Gets Holiday Themed Content for Christmas

Despite launching with a plethora of issues, Battlefield 4 managed to attract a ton of players who enjoyed their time with the game in the midst of the problems.

However, DICE has been releasing update after update to fix the issues, and the game finally became playable after a large number of game-breaking bugs were taken care of.

Even to this day, there is a large community of gamers who spend their time playing Battlefield 4 and for them, developers have released some Christmas themed content in the spirit of the holidays.

For starters, your soldiers can now look like Rudolph, Snowman, Elf, and of course Santa Claus. Furthermore, some new pine trees that are decorated Christmas style have also been made part of the game.

The infamous snow mobile of Battlefield 4 will now look like Santa’s sleigh and it will jingle whenever it is moved.

All of these new additions are showcased in a new video made by Westie, you can check it out above.

There is one bad news though, all of these additions are only available in game’s Community Test Environment, which means that only premium members will be able to get access to them.

Those of you having the premium edition can load up and enjoy all of the newly made additions right now.