Let Sony Know if You Want to See PlayStation Experience 2015

Sony is interested in knowing whether we want to see PlayStation Experience return next year.

During the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Digital Communications Senior Manager Sid Shuman expressed how “the whole company had a blast” conducting PlayStation Experience this year. From that tone, I assume Sony is looking forward to bringing the event next December as well. However, the company would first like to know if the attendants and online community enjoyed what it had to offer this year.

As for doing it again next year, I’d have to pose the question to you. Do you think this is something we should do again?

People had a great time, so tell us if you wanna see it and use the hashtag #PlayStationExperience. Let us know.

PlayStation Experience took place earlier this month and saw to a long line of developer panels speaking about their current and upcoming titles. We also got to see some surprise announcements of titles scheduled for release next year. There were many more announcements that conveyed information directly from developers. Attendees had the freedom to try out a number of games being showcase don the show floor, some for the first time.

If you’re interested in a PlayStation Experience 2015 event, then let Sony know by going on Twitter and using the hashtag #PlayStationExperience.