Final Fantasy Agito Has Been Downloaded Over 1 Million Times

Final Fantasy Agito, the mobile game based on the famous franchise, which was made available earlier this year, has been downloaded over a million times.

To celebrate this achievement, Square Enix showcased a new trailer for the game at Jump Festa 2015.

The new trailer can be seen attached above which showcases some of the gameplay footage extracted from the mobile game.

Final Fantasy Agito made its way to both iOS and Android earlier this year in May, and was loved by the players and critics alike.

In the game, you create your own character to whom everyone refers to as Cadet. However, the whole appearance and gender is in your control.

At the beginning, Cadet is able to explore the Rubrum Magical Academy, but soon after that, he/she is allowed to explore the whole Orience.

There is a leveling system in Final Fantasy Agito and it is related to your interactions with other students as well as the teachers. Furthermore, it is impacted by your performance during the missions.

The game is also in development for PS Vita and will make its way to the handheld platform sometime next year.

Currently, the game is only available in Japan but with its increasing popularity, it might make its way outside of the country as well.