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Star Citizen Arena Commander v 1.0 Has Launched With New Features

Star Citizen has been achieving milestone after milestone in terms of crowd funding, and today it has reached yet another one but in a different category, as Arena Commander finally reaches version 1.0.

As expected, it is a major update that features the lobby system and increases the number of spaceships by three times.

Furthermore, the game systems have been improved with a thruster power system, lateral g-force system and a ship signature system.

The update has made its way to Star Citizen just in time for holidays, so that players can enjoy the new features.

However, this does not mean that there will be no new updates, as Cloud Imperium assures that this is just the beginning and Arena Commander is far from complete.

In the wake of v 1.0 release, developers have released a manual for Arena Commander, which you can check out right here.

In other news, the funds for Star Citizen have been increasing at a pretty fast pace as more people get involved in the space simulator.

The game has now passed $67 million in crowd funding, and I am sure that a lot more people will dive into the game as more modules become available.

The highly anticipated first person module of Star Citizen is currently in development, and Cloud Imperium provided us with our first look at it last month. If you missed it out before, check it out here.