Phil Spencer Explains Why Minecraft Story Mode is Also Coming to PS3/PS4

Earlier this week, a new game called Minecraft Story Mode was unveiled, which is being developed by Telltale Games in collaboration with Mojang.

Surprisingly, the game was also announced for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 despite Microsoft being the owner of the studio.

The fans started to question why Microsoft is allowing this to happen, to which Phil Spencer has finally responded.

In a response to a question asked by a fan, Phil Spencer clarified that talks of Minecraft Story Mode started to happen before the acquisition took place.

Owners of Sony platforms would be glad about playing this Telltale’s take on the famous franchise.

No details on this story mode has been provided just yet. However, looking at Telltale’s history, we can safely bet that the game will stay true to Minecraft’s roots.

The studio has been quite busy lately as we saw the release of Game of Thrones episode 1 and Tales from the Borderlands episode 1 happening in a matter of days.

We will most likely get our hands on Minecraft Story Mode when developers are done with the seasons of both ongoing series.