Xbox VR Headset to be Revealed at E3 2015 – Report

Microsoft is set to reveal its Xbox VR headset device during E3 2015 next June, says a report by VRFocus.

The company has been long-rumored to be working on its VR display, much like its competitors Sony and Valve. According to multiple reports, Microsoft has already shipped its prototypes to several game studios, who most probably will be showcasing their work next year. These studios have so far not been named.

Today’s report reveals that it is being handled by the same team that’s behind Microsoft’s Surface tablet lineup. It’s also supposedly meant to work with the Xbox One only, which makes sense since it’ll have enough power for developers to play around with.

Microsoft has not kept it a big secret and has in the past mentioned that it is working on virtual reality. It however has so far refrained from mentioning a name. In contrast, Sony already revealed at GDC in March that its virtual reality device is called Project Morpheus.

Aside Microsoft and Sony, the recently Facebook-acquired Oculus Rift has a good development lead for the PC and is rumored to be hitting the commercial markets sometime next year. Valve has also been working with fervor with VR but it so far has kept its development to itself.

Microsoft’s mysterious VR project has been in development for years and we’ll know next year how good it really is.