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The Red Solstice Update Gets Better Graphics, Sound, Map

Survival game The Red Solstice has received a sizable update with multiple improvements and some new content. It is currently on Steam via Early Access.

For starters, the game introduces a new industrial map that goes swimmingly with the overall somber theme. In The Red Solstice, players try to navigate a dark, alien environment set in futuristic Mars.

A team of survivors can move towards a central defense position on the map, where they can attempt to survive. Monsters, however, have a 10% increase in movement in the newest location.

There are four new missions that can be tackled in the industrial setting. One of them requires the team to bring reactors back online.

Another objective sees the survivors try to deal with hacked turrets. Additionally, monsters can reproduce in some original ways now, which will need to be dammed in.

With the update, The Red Solstice introduces the burrower boss, Sargon, in functional form. Team members are additionally given some new skills, as well as a few tweaks.

In cosmetic changes, the patch brings a sound engine change that allows for smoother effects transitions. Visuals have been updated with HDR effects, which makes for more contrasted views.

For newcomers, The Red Solstice has updated its prologue that teaches the game mechanisms.

The Red Solstice is currently available at a %50 discount, thanks to the Steam Holiday sale. It comes in at €7.49.

While The Red Solstice is heavily focused on co-op survival, it is possible to play the game alone. That said, if you do have friends to play with, that’s likely going to be the best option in this case.